Here’s some fun news…

As many of you know, I’ve been writing for a long time. Like, a really long time. I’ve tried time and time again to get an agent and land a book deal and get rich and essentially just be JK Rowling.

But that didn’t happen. What happened instead was, I found an agent, she loved my book, she worked for a legitimate agency, and then right before my book went on submission, she dropped her clients to be a full-time mom.

So, there I was again, lost in the slush with a heavy heart and nowhere to go.

Sadly (or not so sadly), this is not an agent news post. There will be no jumping up and down and screaming and crying because I finally found an agent who loves my writing as much as I do and now I’M FINALLY THERE.

No, this is a, “I’m taking this shit into my own hands” post. This is a, “My writing is good, I’m not the only one who thinks so, and I’m tired of waiting” post. This is a, “I’m going to get my work in the hands of people without an agent” post.

After waiting for (it will be 6 months at the end of this month) an agent to get back to me about two books she has, I’ve finally said—in the words of Stephen King—fuggedaboutit!

It’s come to my attention that becoming an indie publisher is growing more and more popular with each coming day. I know multiple authors, in fact, who are cutting ties with their agents to go indie. The more research I did, the more I found how successful people can be in the self-publishing world . . . sometimes even more successful than the traditional way!

My debut Romantic Suspense novel, Capture Me, will be out on Amazon on May 15, 2018. I have the help of so many wonderful people on my side, people who are helping me get the word out and prepare for the release. Until then, you’ll be seeing teasers, a cover reveal, you’ll have the chance to enter in a book giveaway, and so much more.

Stay tuned. This release will come sooner than you think.






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