Pitch Wars and Other Stuff

So. It’s over. Pitch Wars, I mean. At least, it’s over for the mentees who did not get picked and who are now probably wallowing in their own self-pity. (Maybe that’s just me, I don’t even know.)

I shouldn’t say it’s “over”, because that’s bullshit. I don’t believe there’s such thing as “over” until you throw your computer/pad out and never write again. And if that’s the case, you were probably never a true writer to begin with.

A billion years ago (or, like, 4….I keep trying to bury the memory), I signed with an agent and it was cool. For months we worked on my manuscript until it was ready to go on sub, and then shit hit the fan and it’salongstoryidontevenhavetheenergyrightnow.

So anyway. My point is (yes, there’s a point, shaddup), I can’t stand when Pitch Wars hopefuls act like Pitch Wars is the ONLYTHINGEVER that will get them an agent and get published. Um, nah. Even mentors will tell you that. Over and over and also over again.


Keep going. Keep moving. If you’re a true writer, this won’t hinder you for long. Have some wine or a beer, eat lots of chocolate and have sex. Or, you know, whatever people do to feel better.

And get on with it.

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