Capture Me Sneak Peek

“Is there anywhere in particular you’d like me to take you?” Kass said. Logan was sitting back in the seat now, still tapping his foot. A bit of ash fell from the cigarette burning between his fingers, but he didn’t seem to notice. After a moment, he rolled down the window and flicked the cigarette out into the rain. Kass did the same, realizing that it hadn’t done much for her besides make her mouth taste bad and Ryan’s car smell like a bar. He was going to be so pleased when she returned it to him.

“Not really,” he said. “You can drop me off wherever.”

The rain had lifted, though not by much, and a few minutes later Kass pulled into the little town of Lakewood, an area just on the outskirts of Seattle. In this town, children went to grade school together, they partied together as teenagers in high school, and some of them even retired together. In this town, Kass knew everybody. Except for him. She didn’t know Logan.

“This is as far as I go, then,” she said. “Sorry I couldn’t be more help.” She pulled to the curb and turned off the engine, disappointed that she wouldn’t be seeing this kid around anymore. He seemed like good company and he was easy on the eyes.

“Thanks for the ride,” Logan said. “Sorry about your bruise. Don’t, you know, fall into any more doors. No one deserves that shit. Kill the door.”

There was silence in the air as they stared at each other. Kass’ cheeks were flaring again with heat, and she had to suck in a mouthful of air to keep breathing regularly. She opened her mouth to reply to his comment, then thought better of it and closed it. She averted her gaze back to the front window, squinting into the darkness as her eyes caught sight of the deputy’s patrol car lit up near the convenience store. The lights were blurry through the rain, but there was no mistaking them.

“Must be another robbery from one of the punk kids,” she said. She cleared her throat and rolled down the window a crack, feeling a wave of heat overcome her. Beside her, Logan hesitated in his seat, his gaze following hers, eyes catching sight of the same flashing lights.

“Cops,” he said. Kass didn’t know if he was talking to her or himself.

“Lakewood’s finest,” she said. Small town cops were a joke, but flashing lights were capable of scaring even the most innocent of people. The small buzz from the booze was starting to wear off, and Kass was tempted to go back to the party and get smashed, with or without Ryan. Get drunk, fall into bed and try to sleep, then wake up and go to class. Every day, all day.

Lost in her thoughts about an assignment she forgot was due, it took a moment for Kass to fathom that there was no immediate reaction from beside her. As she averted her eyes from the flashing lights in front of them and looked over at Logan, her heart fluttered unnaturally against her rib-cage. She knew there was something wrong before it even happened. She could feel it—like walking into a graveyard at night or hearing footsteps in an empty house. Before she could open her mouth to speak, Logan made his move. She felt something sharp against the side of her abdomen and she barely trusted herself to flinch.

“Turn on the car and drive us out of here right now, or I’ll have to kill you.”

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